Corporate Services

We help you assess the best move to keep a clean legal status and tax standing while minimizing your liabilities and costs so you can concentrate on your core business.

Productivity Training

Our training programs help your organization enhance its productivity by the use of modern technology and techniques, enabling your team to achieve more in less time, resulting in increased motivation and lower operational costs.

IT Solutions

Analysis and development of systems go hand in hand when we are concerned. We help you analyze where improvements can be made and develop a customized solution with you.

Latest projects

Latest projects

In early February, we trained the Asia Region staff of the Norwegian Red Cross (NorCross) to be more productive in the workplace through the use of Microsoft Office with an overwhelming response from the management of NorCross.

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Message from the Founders

We deliver quality work in a professional manner, ensuring customer satisfaction while staying within the ethical boundaries set out by our moral code and the applicable regulatory frameworks.

Shahrukh Malik Founder / Director

We tend to deliver an optimum quality service while maintaining the personal association with our clients. We consider your problems as ours and draft innovative solutions to address them.

Hina Shahrukh Founder / Director