Rising Beyond


What We Do

Financial consulting,
advisory & audit

Social impact &
capacity building

Believing strongly in adherence to regulations, we help organizations and individuals stay compliant with applicable laws while apprising them towards better investments, higher transparency and increased productivity through modern tools.

We aim to provide people with sustainable solutions to day-to-day problems by bringing change within through skills development, mentorship and social development projects, with the overarching goal of improving lifestyles of the general public.

Meet our team &
network partners

Want to be part
of our team?

Spanning multiple industries, locations and organizations, our network team consists of experts in finance, compliance, audit, taxation, corporate, technology, community, and many other sectors.

We are always looking for people who take initiative and derive change within themselves and those around them. We also help with placement among our clientèle and offer internships and mentorship for students.